The Growth Enhancement Support Scheme (GES) is one of the many critical components of the Federal Government's Agricultural Transformation Agenda (ATA). It was designed for the specific purpose of providing affordable agricultural inputs like fertilizers and hybrid seeds to farmers in order to increase their yields per hectare and make it comparable to world standard.

The GES is an innovative scheme, which seeks to remove the difficulties usually associated with the distribution of fertilizers and hybrid seeds in the Country. In the past there were complains of diversion, exorbitant cost and adulteration of various inputs to farmers, which ultimately led to low productivity, increased poverty, unemployment and lack of interest in farming.

Scheme's Approach:

The Scheme's approach is to target beneficiaries through the use of electronic system and by encouraging the engagement of the private sector in the distribution and delivery of fertilizers and other critical inputs directly to farmers.

The objectives of the GES Scheme:

  • To provide affordable agricultural inputs like fertilizer, hybrid seeds and agro-chemicals to farmers
  • To remove the usual complexities associated with fertilizer distribution
  • To encourage critical actors in the fertilizer value chain to work together to improve productivity
  • To enhance farmers' income and promote food security
  • To shift provision of subsidized fertilizer away from a general subsidy to genuine small holder farmers

Target Beneficiaries:

  • Small scale farmers

Contact Person:

The Coordinator,

GES Scheme,

Ministry of Agriculture & Natural Resources,

No. 2 Barracks Road, Calabar.

Phone No: 234-706-453-5922;